Transport Britain Issue 9

Transport Britain Magazine Issue 9

Reducing pollution is of paramount importance in the UK transport industry; Transport for London (TfL) is leading the way with the implementation of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) – the world’s toughest vehicle emission standard.

In this issue, Alex Williams, Director of City Planning at TfL, talks about the success of the ULEZ since its introduction on 8 April. Control Period 6 (CP6) – the largest ever investment in Britain’s rail industry – has now commenced. In our previous issue, the five-year funding period was a month away, so we spoke to Network Rail about the preparations.

Now, we include an in-depth discussion with Transport Scotland’s Director of Rail, Bill Reeve, who explains how the funding will improve the country’s railways.

Elsewhere, David Hunt, Head of Economics and Policy at the Office of Rail and Road (ORR), kindly gave his time to discuss the challenges associated with monitoring the upcoming Road Investment Strategy 2 – scheduled to start in 2020.

We also bring our readers the expert opinion of the Freight Transport Association (FTA); Natalie Chapman, the FTA’s Head of South of England and Urban Policy, talks about the three alternative solutions to London’s Direct Vision Standard (DVS) that would provide a more comprehensive approach to road safety.

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