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Norbury Hall Primary School Website

Norbury Hall Primary School

The Norbury Hall Primary School website has four sections that cover the activities, events, policies and achievements of the school. The school has gone to great lengths to publish all the necessary information online making the school open and accessible to the patrons, parents, guardians and teachers. The theme has an integrated Events Calendar that has been utilised on various pages allowing parents to import the calendar of events to their personal calendar or simply scroll through the Calendar by month or list.

The school believes that the curriculum encompasses every aspect of school life every minute of every school day. It is their ambition that children will succeed and make accelerated progress  from their starting points as a result of teaching which is consistently good or better.  Additionally, they seek to provide a rich and vivid curriculum that will allow  children to develop the life skills and values that will enable them  to become  personal, local and global citizens with the capacity and desire to change things for the better.